The Monuments People APS is an association composed by Culture Professionals (Puglia Tour Guides, Archaeologists, Art Historians, Archivists, Cultural Workers). We have been operating for years in our field:

– by creating a network of experts for the promotion, development and improvement of the accessibility to cultural and environmental sites;

– by running and promoting the maritime archeological Museo del Mare Antico di Nardò;

– by promoting the Roman Theatre in Lecce and improving its accessibility; 

– by promoting he Charles V Castle in Lecce and improving its accessibility;

– by organizing educational and documentary exhibitions;

– by organizing cultural events (special admissions to monuments, thematic tours);

– by organizing tours that promote the knowledge of the artistic and cultural heritage of Puglia and Basilicata;

– by organizing didactic experiences and excursions for students of different age groups.

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