The world of culture is facing a serious and unanticipated situation. Cinemas and theatres are closed, as well as museums, archives, galleries, archeological sites and all other cultural venues. And also patrons who are interested in culture stay at home.

This is a dire situation and a source of great concern for professionals and institutions involved in culture.

Today more than ever, it is important to keep in contact with our patrons, to involve them and communicate with them, then it will be possible to restart.

We are launching a donation campaign called  “Biglietto Sospeso”, a project promoted by Meet Cultura, Cultura Italiae and Resilienza Italiae.

Our non profit organization The Monuments People is partaking in a network of cultural institutions now calling for support in order to resume all cultural activities once the health emergency ends.

The Monuments People is made up of forty culture professionals (Puglia certified tourist guides, archaeologists, art historians, archivists, culture operators) and it has long been committed to the  promotion of culture.

What we do:

– we organize guided tours for adults in the Puglia and Basilicata Regions;

– we organize educational experiences and trips for students of all ages and levels;

– we design and curate scientific and documental exhibitions;

– we manage the Museum of the Ancient Sea in Nardò (Lecce);

– we organize cultural events (special openings of monuments, theme guided tours).

This request is directed to all the people who have met us and appreciated our work. We ask for a small donation that will help us kick-start our activity as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, our profession is among the least acknowledged and protected. We cannot predict what  will happen in the near future, but we do know that we must roll up our sleeves and not lose what we have built to date.

Our “Biglietto sospeso’ (donation ticket) has a 10,00€ value, a symbolic price that represents for us the hope to be back to work with more determination than ever and with many new ideas.

You can make your donation to our bank account at:


IT51 M030 6909 6061 0000 0160 434

We would really appreciate knowing who our supporters are, so please send us an email at and ask for your “Biglietto sospeso”. You will then choose and receive a gadget from the Museum of the Ancient Sea in Nardò (Lecce). All gadgets are hand-made by ourselves.

Thank you for your support!

#BigliettoSospeso #InsiemeRiapriremo