Castro – on Aeneas’Road

Embark on an itinerary that traces Aeneas’ Road to explore Castrum Minerva mentioned in the third book of Virgil’s Aeneid.

The historical centre is enclosed by the medieval city walls, which, in turn, were built on top of the ancient Messapic walls. Now tourists can walk round the walls, thanks to a new panoramic trail.

The old town also hashistoric religious buildings, ranging from the Byzantine to the Norman periods.

The Archaeological Museum of Castro (MAR, Museo Archeologico di Castro) is housedinside the Aragonese castle.

a walk on the walls, admire the cathedral, a small Byzantine church and the archaeological museum.

Two hours.

Option – link this tour either to the visit to the Vaste and Poggiardo Museums, or the visit to the caves at Zinzulusa (entrance fee). Full day