Galatina, Art and Tarantismo

The mythological origins of Galatina, which we can find in the town’s coat of arms with the owl of Athena Minerva, are mixed with historical documents, that confirm that in the Middle Ages there was a village called St. Peter in Galatina. Legend also has it that St. Paul passed through this city. ‘Tarantate’ women, women who have supposedly been bittenby a tarantula,form the basis of the tradition of ‘tarantismo’.

The Basilica of St. Catherine of Alessandria is world famous, unique among Salento’s churches and second only to Assisi for its cycle of frescoes.

St. Catherine of Alessandria Basilica, cloister of Minor Monks Convent, Sts. Peter and Paul Church, St. Paul’s Chapel and the ancient well.

Duration: 2 hours.