In the eyes of a visitor, Nardò’s old town may look like anexquisiteornate wedding cake, thanks to the “mascarons”, “putti” and acanthus leaves decorations, typical of the Baroque style. It is acity where 17th century churches, a majestic cathedral, elegant buildings and a castle, turned into anaristocratic residence, follow one another. The town meeting place is Piazza Salandra, acknowledged as one of the lovliest squares in Italy.

Cathedral, San Domenico Church, Castle, Piazza Salandra (with the famous column built after the 1743 earthquake, the Sedile and the Town Hall), San Giuseppe Church

Duration: 2 hours

Tip: You can add the Visit to the Museo del Mare Antico in Nardò or Hiking in Park

Portoselvaggio e Palude del Capitano for a full dayitinerary.